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Celsi Electristove Luxima Outset Stove

Celsi Electristove Luxima Outset Stove


Wood burning stoves have been a fashionable choice for homeowners in recent years but with busy lifestyles or many new properties not having the required chimney, electric stoves provide a great alternative allowing you to create the look without any restrictions on installation. The Celsi Luxima is constructed from premium steel and features a highly advanced flame illumination designed to recreate the charm of a real fire. 

A next generation electric stove packed with innovative features for energy saving performance. The Celsi Electristove VR Luxima boasts 'Electriflame VR' innovation including the latest 'Fire Projection' technology' taking it this stunning electric stove to the next level in both functionality and aesthetics.

Whilst most conventional electric stoves feature flames on a flat screen at the rear of the appliance, the cutting-edge Celsi Electristove VR Luxima boasts a striking flame illusion to the front, centre and rear of the fuel bed creating spectacular and totally natural flame visuals.

Inside the fire chamber sits a bed of Silver Birch effect logs on top of a Crystal Ash ember bed. Using either the thermostatic remote control or manual controls located on the stove, you can select single or dual colour flame, LED flame brightness to your preferred level. A stylish Woodland Log fuel effect can also be supplied as a cost option.

The Celsi Luxima electric stove has 1kW or 2kW heat output settings or you can simply enjoy the ambient flames without any heat at all. Thermostatic control helps you achieve the optimum room temperature plus there's a daily timer function.

With no flue or chimney needed, the Celsi Electristove VR Luxima is a great solution to easily bring any room to life. Simple plug-in installation either free-standing on its own or combined within a fireplace.

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