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Celsi Ultiflame Vichy Wall Inset Fire

Celsi Ultiflame Vichy Wall Inset Fire


Highly fashionable with its striking, curved fascia frame in landscape format which provides the ultimate backdrop to the Celsi Ultiflame VR Vichy's spectacular flame effect. Designed to replicate the atmosphere of real fire flames with mixtures of yellow and orange with the ability to introduce subtle blue tones will bring any room to life!

The high definition ceramic log fuel bed sits in front of the flames resting on a glowing bed of embers underneath and adds charm and character to this stunning 'hole-in-the-wall' style electric fire. Even during the warmer months, the fire can be used in 'flame effect only' setting to provide a charming centrepiece to almost any room in your home.

Adjust the flame setting to your desired setting with four brightness levels, yellow only or yellow and blue colour option all created using low energy and cost-effective LED technology. All flame and heater functions can be carried our using the hand-held remote control unit or by the manual override controls on the fire.

The striking fascia supplied with the Cesli Ultiflame VR Vichy is offered in a choice of black, champagne or silver finish and frames the fire beautifully giving it a stylish, contemporary feel. A gentle, sweeping curve provides a sensational design feature which is guaranteed to become the main focal point within your home.

In addition to the flame effect only setting, the Celsi Vichy has a built-in fan heater capable of providing up to 1600W of convected heat plus a thermostat for added comfort.

The Vichy is designed to by inset into the wall a minimum of 400mm (15¾") from floor level. Adequate depth is required to accommodate the fire's engine depth (182mm/7¼")

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