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Crystal Fires Connelly Tulsa Gas Fire

Crystal Fires Connelly Tulsa Gas Fire

The Crystal Fires® Connelly Tulsa XL Inset Gas Fire is one of the newest members of the Connelly collection, as well as being one of the most efficient and versatile performers.

Like its older sibling, the Tulsa XL can be used either as a hole in the wall feature or as part of a fireplace suite.

However where the XL differs is with its substantial performance improvements. Utilising clean flame technology and a convected heat output, each unit can deliver a 5.1kW heat output. This is complimented by an 80% efficiency rating.

Its is not all performance however, as each Tulsa XL features a choice of a cream or black interior, as well as a realistic log fuel bed as standard.

  • Maximum heat output of 5.1kW
  • 80% efficiency rating
  • Convected heat output
  • Clean Flame Technology
  • Trim-less design
  • Realistic log fuel bed
  • Remote control functionality
  • Inset fireplace or hole in the wall compatibility

Price on Request

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